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I have not been successful in picking up the classes that are closed but I still have hope. Silly of me I know. Last Sunday Mark's father from the high council gave a great talk on hope. Everything in our life revolves around it. If you lack it then you simply don't go anywhere. That reminds me, I need to call Josh. Hope, so simple. I am sad that I can't remember well what was said. This memory has failed me one too many times. I am very pleased with my living arrangement. I find it most delightful living in front of campus. People park farther than where I live, that boggles my mind. I found a new hot guy and I invited him over to my place where I made him a sandwich and we laughed and talked. lol Or that's how the story went in my head as he slightly smiled at me after he looked down at my shoes when he passed by me ever so quickly in front of the Biology building. Big imagination. The dictionary has become my new best friend. I find it intriguing and it makes me happy. I laugh at myself as I pace back and forth in my room misusing the new learned words. I think I'm getting in shape from walking around campus. My walk to school is uphill and I walk up five flights of stairs at least once a day. Go me.

I am now currently enrolled in school and have a place to stay. It worked out perfectly for me. My roomie, Diana did the exact same thing I did and just drove in not having a place to stay. We joined forces and with the help of Stephen and Chad found a killer place to live. It's right in front of campus and it's got a washer and dryer. Pictures to come. We haven't moved in yet because they need to clean and repaint the place but I'm guessing by Saturday I should be settled in.

104 Ave D # 7, Denton, TX 76201 In case anyone wants to send their love my way. Or if that creepy anonymous person that hates me and wishes me no peace in life wants to come do evil things to me. lol I don't mind people telling it like it is, or how they think it is of course, but have the balls to say who you are instead of being so bloody mysterious. Ben did a swell job of putting them in their place.

To end on a happy note: I really really want to see Tristan and Isolde. It comes out tomorrow and more than likely I will go see it. I've got two boys running away from me already and I'm sure they'd love to take me.

I miss you still. I'm soooooooooooo homesick.

 I seriously heard that song by Beyonce about a million times on my way here. I counted.

I'm officially away. I'm so homesick but I love where I'm at right now. Where are you right now you ask? Well I'm at Linda Smith's house of course. Yeah I didn't know her before today either. So in case you didn't know I totally moved to Denton without having a place to stay. I was planning on staying at the park but apparently that's illegal. So this nice lady hocked me up. Long story that I won't tell because it's so much more exciting that way. So she's got this gorgeous house. It's huge and I get my own room, bathroom, and everything. I can't stay here long of course mainly because she lives about 15 miles away from UNT and that just wouldn't work for me. I miss everyone and I cried and pouted for the first two hours out of EP. I'm so silly. I have never been sad to leave but this time it was different. I did get particularly close to this one boy before I left but it wasn't serious or anything like that, or at least I didn't think so. I miss him. I miss everything and everyone though, and that's the strange part. When we drove in I wanted to go straight to a Starbucks so I can feel more at home. I called my mommy and she sounded so happy. I miss you mommy and daddy. Well wish me luck finding a place to stay and such.

ps i love you and i miss you more

This must be it, welcome to the New Year

Above you can see Chris and I just chillin on 6th Street. I am so very very dumb and I forgot my camera on this trip and so this picture was taking with Ben's camera phone. Hence the horrible quality of the picture. Normal that would make me want to cry but I am so very happy right now. Chris is an awesome guy. I decided my new year starts with December and it totally rocks! So we get to Austin a bit early and start walking down 6th Street then I spotted him. He had his back to me and I said, "That looks like Chris Conley" I thought surely I was going crazy but no, he turns around and my heart skips a beat. I wanted to run and jump on him or mount him like Irene says. To say the truth I almost did. Luckily Ben said " Ruth, he's on the phone" So I quit walking toward him so rapidly and casually waiting for him. He waived and I felt like I was intruding so I almost just left. Of course I didn't, I just wanted to shake his hand and tell him he's amazing. So we waited probably 10 minutes. Not right in front of his face or anything but I did call Irene, she was already so very jealous. So I finally went up to him and casually told him he's amazing and that I want to have his babies. lol not really. I told him about how he handing Irene a pic in SLC and how awesome that is, so he reached into his pocket and handed me a pic too. That wasn't what I was getting at but it was sooo cute. So he asked me where I'm from and such. We walked him all the way back to his tour bus where the picture was taken. Needless to say my day was amazing after that. The Austin show was so much better than the EP show only because Saves the Day headlined. More songs and an encore. The Early November was amazing (I missed them in EP) I LOVE the new songs from both STD and TEN. The Dallas show was awesome mostly because of the way the club is set up. I was practically first row but on the second level which is leveled with the stage if that makes any sense. Sorry no pictures since I'm a dork and forgot my camera. It's okay 'cause I feel its my intimate trip that no one else can live vicariously through pictures. Yesterday we went to UNT and walked around. I love it. I had been there before but this time it was different since I was thinking, "Wow this is my campus. My domain."  It's going to be  awesome.
You are a perfect soul. I am broken. Ashamed I am still breathing. Completely terrified of scaring you. Knowing better I shall enfold you in my world. In my grasp yet at a distance you send stunning glaces that make me a most invitingly nervous. There is dirt on my face but you find it endearing. I find you intriguing.

I love today. If everyday was like today in EP I would most definitely stay. Or seriously consider it. I miss.......... a lot of people. I am suppose to be in class but it's hot in there so I went to walk outside and ended up in this hot place. bleh. I don't mean what I say and I don't say what I mean but somehow you knew. I do not feel a thing.

My heart is bleeding and it is none of your business.

I'm so mean and I'm sorry. I don't mean to be mean but it's something inside of me that want to be alone. I sit in my room doing whatever it is that I feel like doing and if someone knocks on my door I'm o so very mean because it irks me. I hate talking to people about anything to do with me. Raych, the apology is mostly to you. I really am sorry and I really do try not to answer your questions or remarks in a rude way. I just feel so angry inside and it makes me want to be alone. Also I apologize to Irene, who I never call because I never feel like talking. I can if you'd like give the phone to Raych since you guys talk so much more. It's not that I don't want to know what's going on in your life because I do. I really really do, I just never feel like calling. Of course you never call because you ALWAYS call and if I want to talk then I should call or something along those lines. I will try to call more. I will try to be more happy and nice. The truth is I am happier but for some odd reason I just can't show it. I like my job, school is going good and I'm looking forward to December. Looking forward to things is always a sign of happiness right? Unless you're looking forward to dying or something morbid like that. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DECEMBER, I can't wait. I'll be seing SAVES THE DAY, The Early November, Senses Fail, and Say Anything, not once, not twice, but THRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm trying to be excited....

Too much nonsense equals nothing at all therefore I am swell. The spider bites don't hurt so much anymore and their poison has become endearing to my skin. It's a sad sad day in history and it is nothing to do with me. I am but a mere ingrate who goes unnoticed because of the abundance of my kind. We mostly travel in twos and yet do not connect well with others. I shall not be judged for my past for it will be so negligible compared to my lofty future. My heart does not beat too often.

Okay so here I am at school killing some time in between classes. It won't be so bad once I start having homework. Craziest thing happened to me this semester. Some crazy girl started stalking me and has every single class I have. No that's not true. I met her in my first class then bumped into her in the restroom right after class. Then we figured out we had every single class together. Well she has four so three out four for her but I only have three. Anyway, we decided we were destined to be friends. We decided to kill time together and since she had no ideas we came to the computer lab since that's what I always do when time is needed to be passed at school. So she sat there staring at the computer, turned to me and asked, "Can we be in here if we're not using the computer?" It boggled my mind that she had absolutely nothing to do on the computer. I asked if she had an email and she said no. Wow. So that's a really long story and here's the point. She's a great gal and now she's got an email address but she needs emails to read because well, receiving emails is fun. Actually receiving anything is fun so if you want to send me something feel free. O but this isn't about me for once.

Do me a big favor and send this lovely lady an email. Don't put it off just take the extra second and a half. It doesn't have to be long, just say hello, welcome to cyberspace, and such. Here's a pic so that you can see she's totally harmless and actually pretty cute. Boys feel free to hit on her since she is single and well ready to mingle. She'll be mad that I said that lol. O and her name: GINA



I really wish I could write every single detail about my trip to San Diego. It was a wonderful week. I'm really sad that I bought that extra memory card for my camera a day too late. Sea World is the best and I didn't have much memory for that. Plus the quality of the pictures taken there wasn't as good. The zoo got all the good space and quality but I didn't care for it as much. It was really amazing though. Abe is gone again and that sucks of course but in a way I think I'm more use to him being gone. Talked to him on Sunday. O he said hello Irene, before I forget. He might be able to come home for three weeks before going to Florida. We must visit him when he gets there. 'We' being anyone who is willing to go with me. Irene I'm looking in your direction. Our travels shall begin with that. Boycotting is fun.....no not really. I don't much care for it. I officially have a job. I also seem to have some sort of direction which really excites me. The pin is in.

I love this guy. He's tough and handsome. Dang he looks good in the uniform. **who will be the one to marry me?**

ps Rene what do you with all your free time now?