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i cried a lot and then we spooned

LJ things looks so different every time I come back to it. They keep changing it for the worst.
I was in the bathroom thinking about how happy I am and how I wanted to just share it with everyone. I remembered how I would always post my happy events on this things. Why I like to do that is beyond me but I really enjoy going back and reading them later. They always make me smile. So here we go.
I was thinking about how funny is was that Ben and I drove to AZ in January of 2004 and drove from AZ in November of 2006. It was as if those two years in between never existed. We erased them completely. He is the single most perfect thing in my life. It is almost nauseating to think how perfect we are together. It's not something I think about often because everything just comes so naturally with us. I mean really, it feels like we've always been married. I know no other life. And he's just perfect. I don't tell him that of course, I whine and throw tantrums and then he tells me to shut up but does everything I want anyway. I push his buttons until I get him really mad and then come baby him for an hour. It's disgustingly adorable to say the least. lol
We have a cute apartment that I'm dying to show my Mom. All of our furniture is from Ikea so I absolutely love it. Except for the TV stand, which he made and I think is amazing. We both work like two minutes away from where we live. We make more than we spend and are saving for the future. It is just a wonderful life. We complain about stupid things of course because there is always something to grip about like the stupid humidity or my boss, but the truth is we are perfectly happy. It is by far the most extraordinary feeling I have ever felt. I finally figured it out. You are happy when you don't have think about being happy, you don't think about it ever, until one day, you look in the mirror and think, wow, life is good. I am so blessed.


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