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I called him as soon as I got off of work hoping he was getting off soon too. According to what he had told me he wouldn't be getting out for another two hours. Sure enough he was on his way to my place. He said he would race me there and I laughed because he works twice as far as I do. As I drove up to the apartment I noticed the light was on inside so I immediately started thinking about how wasteful that was and how could he forget to turn off the light. Something I must have picked up from the years of Daddy asking me, "Ya acavastes con la luz?" as he proceeded to turn it off. I love him. So I was thinking about the light being on and wondering how long it had been on as I checked the mail. I unlocked the door and as I walked in I noticed everything was different. Ben was standing in the kitchen wearing his green dress shirt and his black slacks. He looked nervous as I scanned the room. So many things filled my mind as I saw the dinning table displaying two lit candles a vase with red and white flowers and a red gift bag. Everything looked so neat and pretty. The kitchen bar was lined with so many lit candles as well as the window sill. The first thing out of my mouth was, "You cleaned" He makes fun of me for that now, "Yeah...and..." As if I overlooked everything and only noticed he cleaned. Our song by Hellogoodbye, "O it is love" was playing in the background. There was a fire burning in the fireplace. Anyway you get the picture, the place was romantic. I was so exicted my eyes got teary. I was nervous. I kept saying things like "wow" And "babe" over again. So finally he pointed out the LoveSac that I had overlooked. It's huge so I have no clue how I did that. I looked at it but I guess I just overlooked what it was. So I'm terribly excited and he tells me to open my present sitting on the table. I sit down and open the bag to find a tiny black box with the word Zales on it. I look up at him smiling, knowingly. He says, "Open it" So I do and there is a lot of wrapping paper. I lift it and there is more. I look back at him and warn him that it better not be "rocks in a box" He laughs as I realize that's exactly what it is. He tells me there is more so I futher investigate to find a tiny strip of paper that read, "i have one more box with a rock in it, i hope you will like that one better than this one" As I read and said "aww" He bent down on one knee. He took my hand and asked, "Will you marry me" And that ladies and gentle men, is how it is done. We proceeded to hug of course, exchange romantic thoughts too personal to write here. Then we had dinner. He had ordered take out from Johnny Carinos and we drank fake wine. lol I felt so grown up! It was delicious and perfect. After dinner was done and we were less nervous and more happy we made phone calls and text messages to loved one. The ring is beautiful. I told him it was perfect, just like him. The End.


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Mar. 2nd, 2007 09:13 pm (UTC)
je suis très heureux pour toi et benjamin. j'espère, non, je sais que vous serez très heureux et que faites bien. je vous aime.
Mar. 10th, 2007 12:21 am (UTC)
its' irene
i forgot my password and locked myself out but this is so dang cute!! i finally read it..and i love it! you two are wonderful together. congratulations!!
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