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Well it's been a good week. On Monday we played human foosball for FHE. My team did so good even when the guys on the other team were cheating like crazy. Afterwards we played soccer. I suddenly love sports. Mark and I have a tournament going on and so far I've beat him at pool, speed, and ping pong, he just barely beat me at foosball and whooped me at chess. Swim class is so much fun. I'm getting better at it and we are diving now so that rocks. This frat boy in my that class invited me to a frat party. I actually wanted to go because I've always wanted to go to a frat party and he said it was his birthday. He's okay looking. Of course I didn't end up going, it's not the kind of atmosphere I want to be around. Instead I went ice skating at Grapevine Mills Mall. That is so much fun. It's the second time I've gone since I've been here and I'm getting better at it. I fell once but only because I was skating on one foot, all cool style with my other leg way high, and Mark pushed me. We watched Along Came Polly and apparently everyone thought I was like Polly Prince. Not the first time I've heard that and yeah, in some ways I suppose I am. I'm enrolled in three institute classes so I'm there all the time. I like it lots and it makes me not want to get a job ever again. Or at least not for this semester. We shall see. I saw Brokeback Mountain. BAD IDEA. I enjoyed a lot of concepts in the movie but over all I completely hated it. It was worse since the guy I went with kept squirming in his seat, sighing loudly and making all kinds of fuss about it. Annapolis on the other hand is such a good movie. It reminded me of Derick since he's hot and in the Navy. I miss him. That guy James Franco is so hot. He's also in Tristan+Isolde and I loved him in both. I don't think I ever gave my review for Tristan+Isolde. It is a great movie and a great example of why love bites. Brokeback Mountain is also an example of that. OKay IRene is on the phone so the end.

Or is he just a liar, with nothing to lie about?


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Feb. 4th, 2006 04:30 pm (UTC)
i want to watch tristan and isolde! you're such a dork, i miss you!! i love talking to you. oh wait, you're on the phone so the end.
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